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16 April 2009


Open University Malaysia (OUM) is the leading Open and Distance Learning (ODL) university in Malaysia and is backed by a consortium of 11 public universities. In our quest to provide better lifelong learning experiences to our learners and to democratize education, we are seeking freelance Writers and Moderators to contribute their subject-matter expertise. We seek individuals who:

Are experts in their respective discipline (at least a Master’s degree);

• Have a passion to share and guide students, both mature and fresh from school in their quest for academic excellence;
• Are dedicated to provide a significant learning experience;
• Posses excellent communication and writing skills; and
• Are committed and willing to write in a style suitable for open and distance learning.

• Pengenalan Kepada Masalah Penglihatan
• Perancangan dan Pengajaran Muzik
• Pengajaran dan Kesusasteraan Sekolah Rendah
• Pengajaran Matematik Sekolah Rendah
• Pengajaran Sains Sekolah Rendah
• Applied Sports Injury
• Applied Sports Physiology
• Sports Tourism
• Environmental Physiology
• Sports Marketing and Sponsorship
• Applied Sports Biomechanics
• Recreational Management
• Risk Management and Sports Consultation
• Information Technology for Manufacturing
• Engineering Economics
• Introduction to Manufacturing
• Six Sigma
• Event Management
• Software Construction
• Multimedia Advertising
• Computer Based Training
• Requirement Engineering
• Communication Theory
• Multimedia Networking
• Mobile Computing for Multimedia
• Game Design and Development
• Virtual Reality
• Multimedia Programming I
• Multimedia Programming II
• Animation I
• Animation II
• Web Design I
• Web Design II
• Multimedia Authoring I
• Multimedia Authoring II

Bachelor of Islamic Studies (Islamic Management)

• Usul Fiqh 2
• Siasah Syariyah
• Fiqh Ibadat
• Prinsip Ekonomi
• Prinsip Pemasaran
• Bahasa Arab Komunikasi I
• Bahasa Arab Komunikasi II
• Komunikasi Pendekatan Islam
• Pengurusan Sumber Manusia (Islam)
• Prinsip Pengurusan Islam
• Qawaid Fiqhiyah
• Kewangan Islam

Bachelor of Psychology

• Cognitive Psychology
• Adolescent Psychology
• History and Philosophy of Psychology
• Research Methodology in Psychology
• Motivation
• Perception and Emotion
• Problem Solving and Decision Making
• Psychology of Learning
• Ethics in Psychology
• Cross Cultural Psychology
• Personality
• Dynamics of Adjustment
• Substance Abuse and Social Deviance
• Introduction to Counseling
• Industrial and Organisational Psychology
• Principles of Behaviour Modification
• Abnormal Psychology
• Psychology of Adult and Old Age
• Entrepreneurial and Productivity Psychology
• Personality

Bachelor of Communication

• Basic Interpersonal Communication
• Public Speaking
• Communication Theory
• Principles of Advertising
• Basic Journalism
• Introduction to Social Science
• New Media Technology
• Information Technology, Media and Society
• Graphic Design
• News Writing and Reporting
• Communication Campaign
• Broadcast Journalism
• Communication Law
• Case Studies of Corporate Communication
• Copy Writing
• Creativity in Advertising
• Editing for Print and Electronic Publications
• Reputation Risk Management
• Media Appreciation & Critical Analysis
• Broadcasting Management
• Intercultural Communication
• Intergraded Marketing Communication
• Global Communication
• Politics and The Media
• Communication Research Methods

More information on the OUM learning materials and module writing can be viewed at http://cidt.oum.edu.my/modules/

Email your curriculum vitae with contact details of 2 referees and a sample of your writing (5-10 pages, in your related field) to:

Centre for Instructional Design and Technology
Open University Malaysia
Jalan Tun Ismail, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +603-2773 2705/2072 Fax: +603-2697 8702
Email: cidt_director@oum.edu.my

Only short listed candidates will be contacted.

Closing Date: 30 April 2009

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